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The wide industries adoption shows how versatile and useful UAV’s are. Whether increasing safety or reaching where it’s difficult for humans. UAV’s can be adapted for various situation. The possibilities are endless and limited only by our imagination.

Have you considered the benefits drones can bring to your organization? Which drone is right for you? And, how do you get started?


Did you know?

Many renewable energy companies use drones and zoom cameras to inspect solar panels and wind turbines.

The mining industry now sends drones to inspect open stopes, which reduces the risk to human life.

Logistics &
Warehouse Mgmt

Drones can provide a powerful alternative to manual processes associated with warehouse management. Our UAVs can efficiently collate data to provide insight and visibility for Inventory Management & Stocktaking, as well as delivering orders and revolutionising the way we shop. There are a number of benefits from using Drones in Warehouse Management:

  • Reduce the potential for human error
  • Reduce inventory costs, as it is fairly common to outsource Warehouse staff or resources for this task, especially during busy periods and the annual stock take.
  • Reduce staff workload as well as the number of staff required
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Improve safety - it is much safer and cheaper for a drone to collect an item from high racking than an employee and the drone can then fly this onto the next department
  • Improve stock control of products on the shelf and changes to stock.
  • an have dual roles, for example Drones could be used for Warehouse Management and security or surveying and repairs