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The wide industries adoption shows how versatile and useful UAV’s are. Whether increasing safety or reaching where it’s difficult for humans. UAV’s can be adapted for various situation. The possibilities are endless and limited only by our imagination.

Have you considered the benefits drones can bring to your organization? Which drone is right for you? And, how do you get started?


Did you know?

Many renewable energy companies use drones and zoom cameras to inspect solar panels and wind turbines.

The mining industry now sends drones to inspect open stopes, which reduces the risk to human life.


Forest husbandry is an extremely important service to understand the health of our forests, increase overall vegetation coverage which in turn may prevent landslides, minimise disease outbreaks and improve yield estimations.

Drones play a vital role in collecting the required data utilising a wide range of sensors including:

  • High-resolution, high-speed RGB still images
  • High-resolution (up to 8k) video capture
  • Thermal imaging stills & video with co-aligned R.B.G.
  • Multi-spectral simultaneous five-band RedEdge and RGB with up-dwell ambient correction
  • Hyper-spectral 560 band

Weatherproofing and Drone resilience and endurance is key when performing missions over thick canopies in driving rain and strong winds to ensure that the mission is completed successfully and the Drone and sensor(s) is returned back to base safely.