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Whilst we are extremely proud of our Kanon range with its competitive performance durability and complete flexibility, we understand that there may be times where an operation requires additional or adapted functionality. We have the design and engineering capability to customise any aspect of the Drone including dimensions (size and weight), payloads (single or multiple), power, endurance and rotors.



Many Drones are at best showerproof; however our Kanon range is fully weatherproof to increase flight endurance and sensor protection.



Redundant motors, rotors, batteries and control systems ensuring complete stability and functionality even during failure of parts.


Extended Flight Time

Optimised power consumption, carbon fibre & machined aluminium to reduce weight and extend flight duration.



Our drones have improved stability in winds due to additional rotors and power.


Lightweight & Durable

Carbon fibre & machined aluminium for a lightweight yet durable frame. Even our largest drone is under 25kg.


Power Consumption

Power is perfectly balanced between running the sensors / payload and drone.

  • Under 25kg
  • CE Stamped
  • Class Identification Alignment: C0 – C5
  • Weatherproof
  • 8 Motors x 1000W 58V
  • Quad Coaxial Rotors with redundancy
  • Max speed 75 km
Kanon UAV
Staerk UAV

Our Staerk range S1- S3 is our VTOL Fixed wing range for long range endurance flights

  • Has redundant motors, batteries and flight controllers for maximum protection of the Drone and any sensors carried
  • Has vertical take off and landing capability (VTOL) to eliminate the need for runways
  • Is fully weatherproof
  • Employs bespoke sensor integration
  • Advanced data processing

Class identification is a new UK / EU initiative to demonstrate a minimum flight safety capability. This legislation has been agreed but delayed in implementation (expected 2026 in the UK and sooner in the EU). Our drones are built Classification ready so they can be classified at a later date to conform with regulations.