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Flight Operations

Our CAA approved UAV operators can pilot your Drone for a number of commercial uses. As well as understanding the complex regulations surrounding UAVs and with several years’ experience piloting Drones, each member of our team has taken part in extensive training, giving you peace of mind that your mission is in safe hands.

Remote Pilot

Our commercial Drone operators have the following qualifications:

  • A2 Cert of Comp
  • GVC General
  • EVLOS Cert
  • BVLOS Cert
  • VLOS Cert

We try to ensure at least one of our team also carries a private pilots licence, as we find that it gives us:

  • Better understanding of airspace, air-law, meteorology, and being able to “talk the language” when it comes to dealing with “ATC” (more formally FISOs and ATCOs) – Enabling more rapid deployment and turn-around by knowing who/what/where and when with regards informing and liaising with the relevant bodies.
  • An understanding of “pilot-talk” and to better understand aircraft movements (for more effective risk mitigation during ops), and is also licenced (by virtue of FRTOL) to use an airband radio, for real-time integration into busy airspace.
Flight Operation Process Flight Operation Process Flight Operation Process

& Compliance

Drone Laws & Regulations can be tricky to interpret and without effective preparation, it can be easy to end up contravening the rules. In the UK, commercial Drone operations are heavily legislated for by the Department of Transport and regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). For any aircraft over 250 grams you need certifications for the pilots and registration of the Drones and operating companies.

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