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Why Airobot Dynamics UAV’s?

Built with maximum flight time and sensor protection as a core design philosophy.

Why Our UAVs
10 Years Experience


We have over 10 years’ experience working with Drones from multiple manufacturers. We have been customising existing Drones to optimise for missions beyond conventional Drone operations, with changes throughout from motors and rotors, wet weather component housing and sensor mounting points. As a result, we now design, build and support our very own range of Kanon UAVs (Drones) to offer our clients complete flexibility and reliability.



Our drones are built to support efficient flight operations in any weather carrying an array of sensors that could be up to £1M in value.



We are proud of a number of world firsts to successfully mount a heavy and power hungry Hyper-Spectral sensor by redesigning the housing and replacing the CPU to reduce power consumption and weight in order to keep below a 25kg regulatory limit.



Build-in redundancy for motors, rotors, batteries and flight control units. This ensures stable flight and payload security even during failure.



Many drones are at best showerproof; however our are weatherproof to increase flight stability and sensor protection.


Extended Flight Time

Optimised power consumption, carbon fibre & machined aluminium to reduce weight and extend flight duration.


Power Consumption

Power is perfectly balanced between running the sensors / payload and drone.

Fly With Confidence

Fly with confidence even after the failure of a motor, rotor, battery or flight controller, Not only will our Drones continue to fly they will even complete the mission before returning safely back to base with all sensors and captured data intact.

Why Drones?

Drones (or UAVs) have been in use by the military since WW1 (or earlier if you include unmanned balloons) and were primarily used to fly mission that were considered too dangerous for humans.

However, there has been an exponential rise in commercial Drone use over the last 10 years with Drones now being the go to technology the reduce cost and improve safety for the majority of data gathering missions from UHD video capture to Ground Penetrating Radar.

Drones cover all types of autonomous vehicles including flying, land-based and sea-based and we are fully capable of integrating sensors across all of these to deliver the Drone to where it needs to be.


Our UAVs come in two main configurations


Kanon Range (Ka-non)Multi Rotor Range

UAV Kanon

Our Kanon range (K1 – K5) is our Multirotor, Quad Coaxial UAV range, for flights that require a higher degree of flexibility and hover stability than a fixed wing aircraft can provide.

  • Has redundant rotors, motors, batteries and flight controllers ensuring no loss of power in the event of loss (we challenge you to notice if you lose up to 4 of either from different corners)
  • Is fully weatherproof (born and bred in the Scottish Borders where bad weather is just known as weather)
  • Employs bespoke sensor integration to cover the widest array of global leading sensors
  • Advanced data processing and data integration capability

StaerkFixed Wing Range

UAV Staerk

Our Staerk range S1- S3 is our VTOL Fixed wing range for long range endurance flights

  • Has redundant motors, batteries and flight controllers for maximum protection of the Drone and any sensors carried
  • Has vertical take off and landing capability (VTOL) to eliminate the need for runways
  • Is fully weatherproof
  • Employs bespoke sensor integration
  • Advanced data processing

Core benefits

Improved Safety

Cost Efficiency

Environmentally Friendly

Instant Results


& Compliance

Drone Laws & Regulations can be tricky to interpret and without effective preparation, it can be easy to end up contravening the rules. In the UK, commercial Drone operations are heavily legislated for by the Department of Transport and regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). For any aircraft over 250 grams you need certifications for the pilots and registration of the Drones and operating companies.

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