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Custom Build UAV's

Whilst we are extremely proud of our Kanon range with its competitive performance durability and complete flexibility, we understand that there may be times where an operation requires additional or adapted functionality. We have the design and engineering capability to customise any aspect of the Drone including dimensions (size and weight), payloads (single or multiple), power, endurance and rotors.



We have great experience in delivering solutions for each challenge, either by innovative design or by taking advantage of the latest technology / materials to improve our fleet.



Recent examples include a world first mounting of a heavy-duty sensor on a multi-rotor UAV which required shedding 8kg of weight and reducing power consumption by half.

Custom Build

Client Requirement

We tend to start with a client requirement that is outside of the capability of an off the shelf model, either our Kanon range or other manufacturer. That is primarily a result of one of three reasons:

  • WeightThe sensor / payload takes the Drone over the 25kg weight limit.
  • Power consumptionPower is a balance between running the sensors / payload and drone endurance.
  • FunctionalityBoth hardware and software based, for example provision of LTE links for data straight to cloud or data processing on the Drone to minimise data volumes to be stored on the Drone until a return to the ground station.