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Engineering Capability

With over 10 years’ manufacturing experience, we harness the latest technology to craft superior cutting-edge and innovative Drones. We Build, Maintain, Integrate and Operate our own Drones in the UK and EU which makes us unique in Scotland if not the entire UK.



Many commercial Drone operators simply modify other manufacturer’s Drones in order to mount a new sensor, however, we build our own which allows us to consider any changes holistically across the aircraft. For example, simply increasing motor power may provide an overall negative effect if the rotors aren’t tuned or if the batteries remain the same, so we take each element collectively into consideration during our Build phase.



Our multi-rotor Drones are built with carbon fibre body shells and machined, aircraft grade aluminium to ensure a lightweight durable aircraft. We build our drones weatherproof as standard to contend with the great Scottish weather, where our manufacturing site is based! We build redundancy throughout our Kanon range including motors, rotors, batteries and flight control units. This means we can lose multiple of each during the flight and continue to fly without impact to flight stability and payload security so you can complete the operation before returning safely back to base.



We are continuously reviewing and improving our range of Drones, pushing the limits of performance and endurance, witnessing significant advancements with every iteration. Our Drones all benefit from and incorporate these features, but we can also provide bespoke builds where the requirement is above and beyond.




Make Carbon Fibre

Carbon Fibre Fabrication

Build Moulds

Make Fuselage

Machining Centre

5 Axis Machining Centre

  • Carbon Fiber Shaping
  • Aircraft Aluminium Machining
  • Bespoke Engineering Projects
Laser Cutter

Laser Cutter

  • Flat Sheet Plastics
  • Aircraft Aluminium
  • Custom Signage
CNC Router

Exel 1313m CNC Router

  • Carbon Fibre Moulds