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The wide industries adoption shows how versatile and useful UAV’s are. Whether increasing safety or reaching where it’s difficult for humans. UAV’s can be adapted for various situation. The possibilities are endless and limited only by our imagination.

Have you considered the benefits drones can bring to your organization? Which drone is right for you? And, how do you get started?


Did you know?

Many renewable energy companies use drones and zoom cameras to inspect solar panels and wind turbines.

The mining industry now sends drones to inspect open stopes, which reduces the risk to human life.


Possibly one of the most popular industries for commercial Drone services is aerial photography and cinematography. You’ll often see footage from Drones throughout filming, in particular:

  • Establishing shots
  • Following action
  • Getting a camera into otherwise inaccessible places (such as when someone is climbing a rockface or a structure)

For low-level shots, it can be used as a very good alternative to a steady-cam or dolly-work which requires expensive equipment and a skilled operator, and it can enable a smooth and seamless transition to a crane shot and vice-versa.

Being able to fly pre-programmed paths with programmed camera positions allows for repeatability over multiple takes across different days if required.

Our cinematic Drones are multi-operator, allowing for the pilot to position the Drone whilst the camera operator and focus-puller have their own controls for the camera ensuring that the flight can be conducted safely as only the pilot has control over the Drone to satisfy regulatory concerns.

You can leave the whole thing to us using our Drones and cameras and we will supply you with the finished product or alternatively you can supply your own cameras and or operators and we will pilot the Drones for you whilst you concentrate on filming.