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The wide industries adoption shows how versatile and useful UAV’s are. Whether increasing safety or reaching where it’s difficult for humans. UAV’s can be adapted for various situation. The possibilities are endless and limited only by our imagination.

Have you considered the benefits drones can bring to your organization? Which drone is right for you? And, how do you get started?


Did you know?

Many renewable energy companies use drones and zoom cameras to inspect solar panels and wind turbines.

The mining industry now sends drones to inspect open stopes, which reduces the risk to human life.


Drones are becoming key in driving innovation in agriculture. Historically, farming has always been a ‘hands-on’ and time-consuming process, however Drones are increasing in popularity for farming. Drones can be equipped with a multispectral camera, allowing an entire field to be scanned in a matter of minutes. Other technology suited to agriculture include 3D mapping for land management and volumetrics for keeping track of waste.

Although it may be an unusual sight spotting a Drone on a farm, they are instrumental in improving efficiencies and helping farmers to:

  • Manage cropsCounting crops or detecting pests and disease
  • AnalyseAnalyse soil and crop health all year round
  • IdentifyIdentify where fertiliser is best delivered
  • MonitoringMonitoring livestock using night vision and thermal imaging